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Python for Science on Mac: Enthought Python Distribution

As a sort-of follow-up to my own post praising SAGE as an all-in-one Python distribution including tons of science goodies, I want to also point out that the Enthought Python Distribution is now available in beta form for Mac OS … Continue reading

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Bye Matlab, hello Python, thanks Sage

For the past two months or so, I’ve been slowly migrating my scientific workflow (that’s a fancy way of saying “my chaotic data hacking”) from Matlab ((R) (TM) (C)) to Python. The results are overwhelmingly positive, so I’d like to … Continue reading

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Scientific talks, “Lessig style”

Nice write-up on using the “Lessig style” of presentations for scientific talks. I especially liked this bit: I reused slides frequently — even if just to flash the slide before them — in order to remind them of what they’ve … Continue reading

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Sente 5 beta

As years went by, I’ve tried a lot of bibliography software to manage the few hundreds of references that clutter my hard drive. I stuck with JabRef for a pretty long time while I was on a linux machine, but … Continue reading

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Biomass Burning

I took this picture in the Athens area, while fire was raging in the Penteli mountains. It was close to midday, the sun was very clearly darkened by the smoke passing over us and everything got a reddish glaze. This … Continue reading

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Climate myths compilation

The New Scientist has put online a very nice compilation of Climate Change myths and misconception. It’s very much worth a read. The related comments on the New Scientist blog are also very entertaining. The climate blogosphere looks like a … Continue reading

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Storm World

While I was in San Francisco, I bought a copy of Chris Mooney’s Republican War on Science (unfortunately I have no idea if it’s available in french anywhere) and I’m currently working my way through it. It’s full of information, … Continue reading

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AGU 2006

Two weeks ago I came back from the AGU fall conference, which is held annually in the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The whole event was pretty impressive, with roughly ~14,000 attendees. Anywhere you’d turn, you would bump into a … Continue reading

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La fabuleuse histoire des NOx

J’ai enfin l’impression d’avoir plus ou moins compris ce qui constitue le cycle de vie des NOx, je vais donc essayer de le résumer vite fait avant d’oublier… NOx est un terme générique utilisé pour désigner les oxydes d’azote (eh … Continue reading

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Jetlagged thoughts are ok by me

Bryan Lawrence’s jetlagged thoughts are clearer than mine, even when I stay in my own time zone: Peer Review is how we cope. We rely on a mechanism which ensures (as far as possible, it’s not perfect) that the pieces … Continue reading

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