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NVChannel Fifo: Graphics Channel Exception… and Plex

For this first post in a long, long time, why not explain another weird problem I had with the iMac ? Yay, let’s. During the past two weeks or so, the iMac began behaving strangely. The problems were mostly with … Continue reading

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Python for Science on Mac: Enthought Python Distribution

As a sort-of follow-up to my own post praising SAGE as an all-in-one Python distribution including tons of science goodies, I want to also point out that the Enthought Python Distribution is now available in beta form for Mac OS … Continue reading

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Google Talk in iChat behind a firewall

Note : this is an updated and (somewhat) tightened version of this hint at macosxhints for my personal reference. If it helps someone, great. At work my computer is blocked from the outside world by a proxy. Here are the … Continue reading

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X11 2.1 for Leopard is out

At least as a preview release, in a nice easy-to-install package. You can get it from Jeremy Huddleston account on X11-2.1.0.pkg. Here is the (kind of hard-to-read) changelog since the bug-ridden 2.0 release included with Leopard. If you’d prefer to follow what’s going … Continue reading

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Possible fix for Leopard not remembering ssh passphrase

According to several accounts, Leopard has now a built-in support for remembering SSH passphrases in the systemwide keychain, which is great, great, great. However, if at some point during your and your system’s lifetime you’ve installed and used the SSHKeyChain   application (even only … Continue reading

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EndNote X1 – screwed-up installer design

What is wrong with this picture? Nothing fancy, right? Just the standard mac way of installing software, tried-n-true drag-n-drop this folder here. They even provide you with a nice alias to your “Applications” folder… Wait, no they’re not. The folder … Continue reading

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Opera 9.5 – I still don’t get it

Opera 9.5 (codename “Kestrel”) has been released. This cycle has been repeating itself for years now: 1) a new version comes out that promises to resolve any issues with the previous version, 2) I try it out, 3) I’m immediately … Continue reading

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Removing the go button in the Firefox toolbar

Let’s say that you are trying to get firefox to look as much as Safari as possible. Even with the right themes and extensions, there’s still a little detail that gives the secret away: that pesky little “Go To” button … Continue reading

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Sente 5 beta

As years went by, I’ve tried a lot of bibliography software to manage the few hundreds of references that clutter my hard drive. I stuck with JabRef for a pretty long time while I was on a linux machine, but … Continue reading

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Coda-coding font : Panic sans

Looks like another reason to try out the new Coda app from Panic : they provide a modified version of the Bitstream Vera Sans font, which looks a lot nicer than the original one, at least on a Mac (maybe … Continue reading

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