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Head in a Cloud

… is the nice name of a new blog by Sean Davis that focuses on the study of ozone chemistry and interactions at the stratosphere-troposphere boundary, such as in cirrus clouds. This is more-or-less exactly like my own field of … Continue reading

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Nice Calipso launch picture

Here is a nice picture from the CALIPSO/CloudSat launch, taken by Thom Baur of Boeing.

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…and we have liftoff

The rocket carrying the satellite and platform for the CALIPSO and CloudSat missions was launched today at 6:02 EST, so right before lunch here in France 🙂 I’ve been working on the preparation of the CALIPSO mission for 6 years … Continue reading

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Calipso launch scrubbed

The launch of CALIPSO has been scrubbed this morning after communication was lost with the CNES Center in France. The launch will resume tomorrow, same time. I feel sorry for all those that did got up at 3AM PST to … Continue reading

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EGU like you were there

I’ve been twice to EGU in the past few years. It’s a big, big conference about Geosciences, Climate and all that good stuff. Most people I’ve heard talking about it always say that it’s very crowded and almost impossible to … Continue reading

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Assombrissement global

Le documentaire de la BBC “Dimming the sun” (assombrir le soleil en VF) sera diffuse le 18 avril (i.e. aujourd’hui…) sur PBS, un des rares networks americains dignes d’interet, dans le cadre de la tres bonne emission scientifique NOVA. Ce … Continue reading

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SSH mounting on MacOS X

For quite some time now I’ve been looking at a way to mount a remote location to my desktop through SSH. It would be extremely useful to me, as I generally make my “science” stuff run on a cluster whose … Continue reading

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What is a propal, anyway ?

Can anyone explain to me what is a propal, exactly? I know it’s generally used to mean proposal, but what good is an abbreviation if we only remove two letters (in this case, O and S)? Or am I completely … Continue reading

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How far we’ve come

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Textmate for science programming

I’m slowly beginning to love Textmate. With it, I can edit my matlab source files on the cluster (even though they are somewhere on a distant server, using samba mouting), with nice syntax highlighting thanks to the as-yet-unreleased matlab bundle. … Continue reading

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