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New in Snow Leopard: Minimize windows to App icon and Expose

Another thing I haven’t seen (yet) mentioned anywhere… In the last snow leopard build (10a394), the new “dock+expose” feature is enabled, and a new related option has appeared in the Dock preferences (see screenshot above). The checkbox label translates to … Continue reading

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I haven’t seen this reported anywhere, and it’s not really surprising since it will affect only a minority of Mac users, but here goes: In Snow Leopard, french locale, the “Movies” folder will be called Vid√©os. Finally. At least that’s … Continue reading

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Python for Science on Mac: Enthought Python Distribution

As a sort-of follow-up to my own post praising SAGE as an all-in-one Python distribution including tons of science goodies, I want to also point out that the Enthought Python Distribution is now available in beta form for Mac OS … Continue reading

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Leopard debriefing

Well, that’s it. Leopard’s now been installed. Of course, I had to be bitten at least on one machine by the now-famous blue screen problem. I don’t even remember when or why I had APE installed, but I went on … Continue reading

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