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individual spying brought to you by Sears

Benjamin Googins, an anti-spyware researcher, finds out what really happens when you opt in a Sears “community” program. Basically, your network setup is modified so that ALL YOUR WEB TRAFFIC is being redirected through a proxy owned by a third-party Sears associate … Continue reading

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Leopard debriefing

Well, that’s it. Leopard’s now been installed. Of course, I had to be bitten at least on one machine by the now-famous blue screen problem. I don’t even remember when or why I had APE installed, but I went on … Continue reading

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Reasons to hate/love Transformers

Reasons to hate Transformers I’m voluntarily forgetting Michael Bay. depiction of Middle-East war camp as the perfect dream vacation – there’s even a big fat internet pipe for flawless videoconferencing. over there, local kids are very happy to provide useful … Continue reading

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Jetlagged thoughts are ok by me

Bryan Lawrence’s jetlagged thoughts are clearer than mine, even when I stay in my own time zone: Peer Review is how we cope. We rely on a mechanism which ensures (as far as possible, it’s not perfect) that the pieces … Continue reading

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SOHO Notes is memory hungry

(this post is part of my ongoing search for the perfect information manager on mac) Sorry if that’s old news, but as much as I like SOHO Notes‘ concept and execution, I have to admit that it’s VERY resource-intensive. I … Continue reading

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Wars are not over in Information Managers land: Michael Tsai has released EagleFiler (via John Gruber) which, at first glance, looks really really REALLY similar to Yojimbo or SOHO Notes or what-have-you. Since that, contrary to what I said earlier, … Continue reading

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iMac 24″: not an impulse buy (at least in Paris)

My gf and I have been talking for a while about buying a 24″ iMac. There are several reasonable arguments in favour of this: integrated isight (you free one firewire port, always a good thing) remote control & front row … Continue reading

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Hopeless situation

This post (via the Tao of Mac) by an end-user trying the GIMP is very sad on multiple levels. I’m not even sure where to begin. I guess a little bit of background information is needed here, and if you … Continue reading

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See Windows Vista: nice try, but failed

Microsoft got a special website up dedicated to showing off Windows Vista. The site is… interesting. In it, you are greeted by a full-screen Flash animation, in shades of blue and green. While floating screens hover in the center, an … Continue reading

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Stereotypes, redux

I don’t know what amazes me the most… That people love repeating old tired stereotypes like they just discovered them, or that so many other people will fall for them like they are incredible insights into human psyche : Men … Continue reading

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