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Evernote? NOW?

Back story For longer than I can remember I have adopted the position that 1) notes should be in ASCII: universal, future-proof, small files and 2) markdown syntax should provide more than enough formatting for notes. I managed my ASCII, markdown notes … Continue reading

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indefinite hiatus

As history suggests, this blog might never be updated again. I’ll leave it open for archeological purposes, and because some posts seem to be actually useful for some people: Scientific Python for all: Matlab vs. SAGE and Python, The Enthought Python Distribution … Continue reading

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New in Snow Leopard: Minimize windows to App icon and Expose

Another thing I haven’t seen (yet) mentioned anywhere… In the last snow leopard build (10a394), the new “dock+expose” feature is enabled, and a new related option has appeared in the Dock preferences (see screenshot above). The checkbox label translates to … Continue reading

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I haven’t seen this reported anywhere, and it’s not really surprising since it will affect only a minority of Mac users, but here goes: In Snow Leopard, french locale, the “Movies” folder will be called Vidéos. Finally. At least that’s … Continue reading

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My new favorite font

Anonymous. Looks good anti-aliased or not, at various sizes. Very readable, and a lot of personality – a nice change of air from Deja Vu/Inconsolata.

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For those who just ditched Matlab for another scientific package and miss the inpolygon function, I suggest taking a look at the Shapely package. It’s full of good stuff having to do with polygons and seems interesting for any kind … Continue reading

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NVChannel Fifo: Graphics Channel Exception… and Plex

For this first post in a long, long time, why not explain another weird problem I had with the iMac ? Yay, let’s. During the past two weeks or so, the iMac began behaving strangely. The problems were mostly with … Continue reading

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Enthought Python Distribution, now with basemap

A new beta 2 of the Enthought Python Distribution has been released. It includes updates to the latest versions of wxPython (, VTK (5.2), IPython (0.9.1), matplotlib (0.98.3), ETS (3.0.2) and some other stuff. It looks like NumPy is still … Continue reading

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Python in Science proceedings

The proceedings for Scipy2008 (ie the 7th Python in Science conference) are now online. It would be worth mentioning for the State of Scipy article alone, but there’s tons of nifty up-to-date information there, which is hard to get otherwise … Continue reading

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Python for Science on Mac: Enthought Python Distribution

As a sort-of follow-up to my own post praising SAGE as an all-in-one Python distribution including tons of science goodies, I want to also point out that the Enthought Python Distribution is now available in beta form for Mac OS … Continue reading

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