Coda-coding font : Panic sans

Looks like another reason to try out the new Coda app from Panic : they provide a modified version of the Bitstream Vera Sans font, which looks a lot nicer than the original one, at least on a Mac (maybe some work on the hinting?).

The font looks nice in Coda, but the nice part is that you can actually look around in the package and extract the font to use it system-wide… So it’s now my official Terminal font (… and Textmate font).

(une fois n’est pas coutume : from the O’Reilly mac devcenter.)

update : Apparently it’s a repackaged version of the Deja Vu Sans font, itself a modified version of Vera Sans. Might as well use the Deja Vu Mono, as it’s supposed to include more glyphs.

update 2 : those interested might also want to check inconsolata, which looks incredible.

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14 Responses to Coda-coding font : Panic sans

  1. garoo says:

    Hmm. I’m sticking with Vista’s Consolas. (Yes, on the Mac.) It looks a lot like Deja Vu Sans, actually, but slightly more legible (the differentiators in Deja Vu’s zeros tend to disappear in small sizes).

  2. ben says:

    Hey thanks for posting this! I was wondering what the deal was with Panic Sans. It’s quite the nice font for coding, though I’m now looking at Inconsolata, which looks even better. I’m definitely going to try it out XD.

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  4. Ibrahim says:

    Inconsolata looks crap in Vista. Anti-aliasing is bad in windows. 😦

  5. Claire says:

    Inconsolata also includes only a roman, whereas Panic Sans has bold and italic. If you’ve got a really simple editor, I guess that’s fine, but it’s nice to have the additional options that bold and italic give you.

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  7. Simon Tremblay says:

    Droid Sans Mono (another open font) is vastly superior to all of these fonts with the exception of Panic Sans, which is incredibly well hinted.

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  9. No download link or am I missing it?

    • vnoel says:

      As I said in the article, download Coda and open the package in the Finder. You’ll find the panic sans font somewhere inside.

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