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Weird utf-8 bug in QuickLook: it’s the EA

A while ago, I noticed a weird bug affecting the way QuickLook on Leopard showed characters with french accents, while being careful to save in UTF-8 from TextMate: TM’s on left, QL on the right. Unix deities seemed to confirm … Continue reading

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X11 2.1 for Leopard is out

At least as a preview release, in a nice easy-to-install package. You can get it from Jeremy Huddleston account on freedesktop.org: X11-2.1.0.pkg. Here is the (kind of hard-to-read) changelog since the bug-ridden 2.0 release included with Leopard. If you’d prefer to follow what’s going … Continue reading

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Possible fix for Leopard not remembering ssh passphrase

According to several accounts, Leopard has now a built-in support for remembering SSH passphrases in the systemwide keychain, which is great, great, great. However, if at some point during your and your system’s lifetime you’ve installed and used the SSHKeyChain   application (even only … Continue reading

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Updated X11 for Leopard, again

Xquartz 1.2a7 has been released, and apparently it fixes all the remaining known issues. In my experience, the “cannot focus X11 windows while in a mac app” bug has been fixed. With this version of Xquartz, X11 on Leopard is … Continue reading

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Updated X11 on Leopard

If you’re using X11 a lot on a mac, and you’ve upgraded to Leopard, you might have run into several issues. Some of the niceties include: yellow cursor bug on Intel multi-monitor support is broken (you can’t drag an X11 … Continue reading

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Leopard debriefing

Well, that’s it. Leopard’s now been installed. Of course, I had to be bitten at least on one machine by the now-famous blue screen problem. I don’t even remember when or why I had APE installed, but I went on … Continue reading

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