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Finally: Firefox 3 brings inline PDFs on mac

It took a while. Doesn’t want to be installed on minefield builds, though (via MacOSXHints). Advertisements

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Firefox bug 406730 has been fixed

As the title says. Now we can have correct background window appearance on Mac OS X, which was the number one reason to prefer Safari over Firefox 3 according to DF. I can’t wait for the next nightly build and … Continue reading

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New Gmail: Chat working in Safari 3.0

The New Version of Gmail, which I was at first underwhelmed to try (since it looks and performs almost exactly like the old regular one), is actually really, really important: The Google Talk in-browser chat finally works with Safari.     This bug can be … Continue reading

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Removing the go button in the Firefox toolbar

Let’s say that you are trying to get firefox to look as much as Safari as possible. Even with the right themes and extensions, there’s still a little detail that gives the secret away: that pesky little “Go To” button … Continue reading

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Safari or Firefox?

Most civilized platforms have pretty good web browsers by default (e.g. Safari on the Mac, Epiphany on Gnome, Konqueror on KDE…). Unfortunately, these browsers are generally lagging behind the obvious pack leader : Firefox. For instance, most browsers based on … Continue reading

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Another web browser for Mac

As far as good web browsers go, Mac users really have a lot of choice nowadays. When Safari is not good enough (for non-standard compliant websites for example) you can always resort to the good old Firefox, or its more … Continue reading

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New Yahoo! Mail out of beta – and full of ads

I was thrilled to find out that the new Yahoo! mail is now out of beta and that even I, the lowly owner of a french account, am now able to use it. Unfortunately, between the beta and now all … Continue reading

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Universal binaries make for unflattering file size comparisons

Also, I need to learn how not to put all the info in the post title. A little less than twice the size of the Linux binary, and more than three times bigger than the windows binary! Fortunately this is … Continue reading

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