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About the GNOME linux desktop and environment


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Hopeless situation

This post (via the Tao of Mac) by an end-user trying the GIMP is very sad on multiple levels. I’m not even sure where to begin. I guess a little bit of background information is needed here, and if you … Continue reading

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I’m sorry, but I can’t figure out what this mugshot thing is. Is it a website? Is it software? Why isn’t there any screenshot anywhere? The project wiki is not useful either – it’s filled with stuff like Design is … Continue reading

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Gnome-Utils 2.15

I’m very happy to report that Emmanuele Bassi has just released Gnome-Utils 2.15, i.e. the first release in the development cycle of the upcoming Gnome 2.16. It can be downloaded here, and more information about the package and its development … Continue reading

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Comparison of Mac backup software

A very exhaustive comparison of backup software for Mac, with an emphasis on the preservation of OS X metadata. The clear winner is apparently SuperDuper. via the shirt pocket blog, who is evidently very happy about that result.

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Stupid posts on Digg

I kinda like for the way it brings out interesting newbites and stories out of the darkness into the light. However I’ve noticed an increase in stupid posts lately – uninformed nitwits pontifying on what they think to be … Continue reading

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SSH mounting on MacOS X

For quite some time now I’ve been looking at a way to mount a remote location to my desktop through SSH. It would be extremely useful to me, as I generally make my “science” stuff run on a cluster whose … Continue reading

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In a followup to my previous post about disk space viewers, I thought I might add that after trying out Disk Inventory X I think that it is, hands down, the best app available for this kind of job. The … Continue reading

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Ubuntu + hpmount = a fucked up iPod

I’m in the middle of leaving my present job to a new one in another country, and yesterday I was mulling the different options I had to back up all the stuff in my $HOME that I want to take … Continue reading

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Gnome-utils maintainership

I’m glad to report that Emmanuele Bassi has accepted to co-maintain Gnome-utils. For now he’s mainly hacking on the gnome-dictionary (as can be seen from his post series) but I’m sure he’ll spread his skills everywhere later on 😉

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