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gnome-utils 2.13.1

Gnome-utils 2.13.1 is now out. I’m very tired. Advertisements

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Yesterday I got my invite to test out the Flock browser. Flock has some interesting new ideas for a web browser, like automatic sync of all your bookmarks to, automatic RSS feeds discovery and included feed reader, and “top … Continue reading

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Wilma lower than Rita

Hurricane Rita, with a center pressure of 897mb, was the third most powerful hurricane recorded over the Atlantic Ocean (Katrina was at 902mb). Well, Wilma just made everybody look like wimps with a whooping 881 to 884 mb. If confirmed, … Continue reading

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The Other Side

Prompted by boredom, I decided to try yesterday to launch into a KDE session. After a day of using it, I think it still has some rough edges compared to Gnome (the number of preferences is just overwhelming, every time … Continue reading

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CryoSat : Plouf

I had missed that one and had to discover it the old-fashioned way, in a magazine : CryoSat, an ESA mission aiming to monitor the impact of climate change on the ice polar caps, came to a brutal end on … Continue reading

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Some love for the Gnome Log Viewer

Inspired by Federico’s work, I have spent some time working on the gnome log viewer this week, hoping to get it to a point where it would be actually usable. Using the 2.12.1 release, I loaded up a 2.9MB log … Continue reading

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Google reader

Google now has an rss reader. Right now it’s kind of flaky and unstable, but I guess it’s just the public exposure taking its toll. More problematic, some features appear not to work at all – I’m having trouble with … Continue reading

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Death to the Monitor widget

Apres plus mois de procrastination, j’ai finalement vire le monitor widget de gnome-system-log. Ca fait du bien. En bref, jusqu’a la version 2.12.1, activer le monitoring d’un fichier log affichait un widget specifique, qui montrait uniquement les ~15 dernieres lignes … Continue reading

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Understanding how GCMs work

At Stoat, an excellent post explaining how Global Circulation Models work, why you cannot find the exact same calculations twice using the same model, and why it’s meaningless to try to do so anyway : For scientific purposes, bit-reproducibility is … Continue reading

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GMail Notifier for MacOS X : Memory sink

Pursuing the worthy goal of decreasing the number of opened windows on my computer, I decided to try the GMail notifier for Mac OS X. Unfortunately, it uses so much memory it’s not funny : TWELVE MEGABYTES for something that … Continue reading

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