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Ubuntu : pretty fast

I committed gnome-utils 2.12.1 today around 10 AM. Two hours later : it shows up in Breezy updates. Amazing. Advertisements

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Google Earth + MSN Earth + Flash = …


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nautilus and gworkspace

Is it my imagination or is nautilus, with every release, getting closer to the interface of GWorkspace ? Everything is there : the “places” (vertical in nautilus and horizontal in GWorkspace), the path bar (thankfully scaled down, but the idea … Continue reading

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C’est un beau trou ca madame

Tous les ans en juillet, en plein milieu de l’hiver de l’hemisphere sud, les temperatures au-dessus de l’antarctique descendent tres, tres bas. Dans l’obscurite permanente de ces latitudes, des nuages stratospheriques polaires (ou “PSC”) peuvent alors se former. Ces nuages … Continue reading

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I saw the moon, I heard the wind

This is so fucking hilarious. until you realize it’s actually serious. Update : the remix – America, fuck yeah is actually better than the original.

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New Orleans, before and after

From The questionable authority, found these NASA satellite images of New Orleans before (bottom) and after (top) the passage of Hurricane Katrina : Make sure to check out the before and after pictures in full size. The destruction is staggering, … Continue reading

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Stereotypes, redux

I don’t know what amazes me the most… That people love repeating old tired stereotypes like they just discovered them, or that so many other people will fall for them like they are incredible insights into human psyche : Men … Continue reading

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Windows Vista UI ideas

On his website, the eternal Microsoft fan Paul Thurrot has a interesting review of the next version of Windows. The bottom line : it looks like a very nice improvement over the current Windows XP, one that includes innovations from … Continue reading

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New Truetype fonts for Vista

The 6 new Microsoft fonts that will come with Vista (Calibri, Cambria, Candara, Consolas, Constantia and Corbel, notice any pattern here ?) are now available to download (get them while they’re hot). They are pretty nice. Extremely readable on screen, … Continue reading

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A great mystery solved

There are two Sean Carroll : number one is a professor of molecular biology, genetics, and medical genetics, and the author of Endless forms most beautiful (taste) ; while number two is an assistant professor at the Fermi institute, mostly … Continue reading

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