New in Snow Leopard: Minimize windows to App icon and Expose

dock preferences screenshot

dock preferences screenshot

Another thing I haven’t seen (yet) mentioned anywhere… In the last snow leopard build (10a394), the new “dock+expose” feature is enabled, and a new related option has appeared in the Dock preferences (see screenshot above). The checkbox label translates to “Minimize windows in the application icon”.

When you check this option, minimized windows don’t squeeze in the right side of the dock anymore; instead, they go “hide” behind the application icon. You actually don’t see the minimized windows anymore.

So how do you get to them do you ask? Well, if you have hidden ALL the opened windows for a specific application, just clicking on the app dock icon will un-minimize the last minimized window. If you already have at least one window opened for the application, this won’t work. Instead, you’ll have to use expose!

Expose with minimized windows

Expose with minimized windows

See, when the option above is activated, and you have minimized windows, Expose now divides the screen in two, with opened windows in the main top area, and minimized windows in a new bottom row. Pretty neat.

I haven’t yet found a way to minimized/unminimize windows directly from within expose (i.e. move windows between the top and bottom areas), which I could imagine would be useful. One weird thing though: if you hide an application, its minimized windows still show up in expose, the others don’t.

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6 Responses to New in Snow Leopard: Minimize windows to App icon and Expose

  1. nb says:

    There is another way to get the minimized window back without exposé: Secondary click on the application in the dock shows a menu with all window titles that belong to the application, just choose the minimized window title.

  2. Bill B says:

    Nevertheless, I what WindowShade back! Come on Unsanity, get to work.

  3. sarasotajoe says:

    “One weird thing though: if you hide an application, its minimized windows still show up in expose, the others don’t.” I’m not finding this. Even with an app hidden, exposé shows me active windows above and hidden windows below.

    Also – a third way to get to hidden apps is to click on the Window menu in the menubar. Hidden windows appear with a ♦diamond next to them, active windows appear with a ✓check mark.

  4. sarasotajoe says:

    I should have checked the date on the article. I guess they fixed it for the release.

  5. Vincent Noel says:

    @sarasotajoe: I was talking about “hidden” apps, i.e. what you get when you hit cmd-H or choose “Hide” in the app Dock menu. All the windows from the apps disappear from the screen, and won’t show up in Expose anymore… except the minimized windows. I’m still seeing this in 10.6.1.

  6. _||_ says:

    Good feature, and well implemented. You’ll be glad to know that if you use BootCamp/Parallels/Fusion for working in Windows 7, you’ll get a very similar feature through Aero Peek + Superbar. Not going to engage in “xyz was first” bs because that is pointless. Cheers!

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