Enthought Python Distribution, now with basemap

A new beta 2 of the Enthought Python Distribution has been released. It includes updates to the latest versions of wxPython (, VTK (5.2), IPython (0.9.1), matplotlib (0.98.3), ETS (3.0.2) and some other stuff. It looks like NumPy is still at 1.1.1 though – I guess NumPy 1.2 will appear in the final EPD release as it is almost ready to roll. Still no netcdf4-python, though.

Another nice unpublicized thing in this release, that is only mentioned in the release notes, is the addition of basemap (a nice mapping toolbox for matplotlib), which provides plotting functions I use a lot.

With previous EPD releases I always had to reinstall or upgrade one package or another, but now everything I need to work is there out-of-the-box, in the latest version for important packages. It’s a pretty impressive accomplishment, given how difficult it was to get a coherent “Scientific Python” stack as early as a year ago. The future is looking good for Python as a scientific toolbox.

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