Possible fix for Leopard not remembering ssh passphrase

According to several accounts, Leopard has now a built-in support for remembering SSH passphrases in the systemwide keychain, which is great, great, great. However, if at some point during your and your system’s lifetime you’ve installed and used the SSHKeyChain   application (even only once), it might have hijacked your use of that feature — even if you’ve uninstalled it later…

If Leopard does not recognize your attempts to login via ssh, try this: echo $SSH_AUTH_SOCK.  If you get something like /tmp/502, it’s SSHKeyChain’s fault. Most likely, this environment variable is set at some point during login. In my case, nothing showed up in ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile or ~/.*, but after some digging I found out that the culprit was in a MacOS-specific location : ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist — just remove the file altogether.

Now ssh does not even ask for my passphrase after reboot. I guess the passphrase is now stored somewhere in my global keychain. Bah. 

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  1. Dot in the Galaxy says:

    try $HOME/.ssh/ directory

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