New Gmail: Chat working in Safari 3.0

The New Version of Gmail, which I was at first underwhelmed to try (since it looks and performs almost exactly like the old regular one), is actually really, really important: The Google Talk in-browser chat finally works with Safari. 

chat in safari 

 This bug can be put to rest.Well, I’ve only tried with the Safari 3.0 on Leopard, but who cares? Bye-bye Firefox, hello Full-time Safari! Woohoo!Update: Well, I should have known. Contact autocompletion when composing a new email is now broken in Safari. Bah. Update again: it’s working now. Some weird caching bug? Bah again. I guess it’ll stop working during the next 15 minutes.

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10 Responses to New Gmail: Chat working in Safari 3.0

  1. Jimmy says:

    What gives man. I don’t know about other users but I used the autocomplete feature more than I did chat. I’ve also noticed that if I change it back to the old gmail that works in Safari, the next time I open the browser it has gone back to the new yet worse version. Goooooogle do me right!

  2. This must be only with Safari under Leopard. The Safari 3.0.4 beta under Tiger doesn’t show Google Chat. Guess I stay with Firefox for that until either Safari 3 goes official for Tiger or I upgrade to Leopard.

  3. jiongrui says:

    it is strange, i use tiger safari 3.0.04 in my gmail account doesnt show chat ,but in my boyfriends account shows gmail, the same computer

  4. Mikey says:

    Yes. I think google must be rolling out the gmail-in-safari feature to accounts slowly. I’ve had it in my account for ages no matter what computer I use but my flatmate never does no matter what computer she uses. STRANGE! It’s the only thing stopping lots of people using safari.

  5. foxzz says:

    i use tiger and the chat works, everything works like in firefox

  6. foxzz says:

    except the contact list

  7. Srinivasan says:

    yeah, thats the state with Safari. I am now using Firefox 3 Beta, its quite impressive.. importantly it displays non-english languages without any issue like in Safari.

    Also it works perfect with many AJAX applications. I have seen I missed several features like this on Safari in the past.

    I am not even quite satisfied with Firefox 2.

  8. snoozriton says:

    i’m using gmail in safari since one year (since i’m on mac) and chat is not avalaible if the language is set in french but in english it works ?
    Same thing to define colors on labels. It’s not avalaible in french ? Why ? It’s very strange.
    And i’m french so i would prefer so set it in french.

  9. pip says:

    My gmail no longer works in safari.. sometimes it loads, sometimes it will not load, sometimes I cant click on anything and have to use htm othertimes it will not autocomplete email addresses…. It has a whole host of different bugs.. ..I am about to change to a different email provider as its getting too unreliable.
    I am no longer a loyal fan of Gmail.

  10. Adrian says:

    Further to snoozriton, chat works now that I set the language to English(US)… with English (UK) there was no chat window.

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