Script to set Adium status message from Launchbar

Prompted by a discussion about adapting the Moodswing/Moodblast thing to set the Adium status message from Launchbar, I decided to try my hands at AppleScript for the first time. Here is the result: Set Adium Status (v.… or something). It’s basically a quick adaptation of Moodswing to make it work from within Launchbar.

To make it work, drop the script in your ~/Library/Scripts folder. Then: summon Launchbar, find the script, hit the spacebar and enter your new status message, hit enter, done. You even get a nice Growl notification window.

The script is very simple right now, for instance there’s much less error-checking that in the original Moodswing script, but it works.

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  1. Rodrigo says:

    Do you still have the file available? It doesn’t seen to be available anymore.

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