Removing the go button in the Firefox toolbar

Let’s say that you are trying to get firefox to look as much as Safari as possible. Even with the right themes and extensions, there’s still a little detail that gives the secret away: that pesky little “Go To” button that sits uselessly right to the address bar. This is the button that was designed so that dumb people know what to do after entering the yahoo address, otherwise they would just stay there with a blank look on their face wondering why nothing happens (it is interesting to note here that Safari does not have this button, and you don’t hear too many people complaining. Draw your own conclusions). Obviously, a pretty crucial piece of the firefox experience — which is why the designers made it impossible to remove easily from the interface. You can’t follow the usual “edit the toolbar” way: the entire address bar has to be removed, or nothing.

Fortunately, there is a solution. And now, everything is nice.

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