Safari or Firefox?

Most civilized platforms have pretty good web browsers by default (e.g. Safari on the Mac, Epiphany on Gnome, Konqueror on KDE…). Unfortunately, these browsers are generally lagging behind the obvious pack leader : Firefox. For instance, most browsers based on KHTML/WebKit (Safari, but also Omniweb, Shiira and Konqueror) have trouble with edgy stuff like the WordPress post edit page ; text rendering is also about to get better in Firefox than in Safari. Things might change in the near future, but today Firefox still provides a better surfing experience. Unfortunately again, Firefox looks generally out of place on most platforms (less on Windows, but still), so it’s not as nice to use as the default browsers…

Today while downloading the last g4-optimized version of Firefox, I stumbled upon the Aronnax Firefox themes, which are designed to attempt to make it look like Safari. I had tried them in the past and decided they weren’t for me, but now there’s a new theme designed to work with UNO, which is the only third-party utility I consistently install on all machines I put my hands on. And holy crap, this theme makes Firefox look just like Safari. Add to the mix the stop and reload and Fission extensions, and you’ve got an almost perfect lookalike, even better than Camino :

Safari or Firefox?

So now you can get the nice Safari look we’re all used to, with Firefox’s standard-compliance and powerful extensions. Bliss.

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3 Responses to Safari or Firefox?

  1. Chris says:

    You know what they say: you can put a pig in a dress, but its still a pig. The funky Safari skin for Firefox still wont hide the fact that it doesnt integrate with other Mac apps, and that it is dead slow relative to almost every other browser available on the Mac. I would not hold my breath on Cairo either; it seems to take a *further* toll on performance.

    Have you tried the WebKit builds on These seem to work better on some of the sites with which Safarii struggles.

  2. vnoel says:

    I don’t want to get into a debate, since this is mostly a question of taste… both apps have their merits. Actually, yours is an opinion I’ve held for a long time. But I’ve been using Firefox 2.x for a little while now, and with those add-ons I really can’t tell the difference with Safari (except sometimes on the rendering). The app “feels” right as far as I can tell, and on my powerbook G4 (a relatively slow machine by today’s standards) it feels at least as fast as Safari.
    I regularly download new webkit nightlies and try them out, I haven’t found the changes significant enough to make me stay. Right now the two apps seem to be on the same level to me, I’m eagerly waiting for Leopard to make me change my mind though 😉

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