Ghost Action – followup

Following my decision to use Ghost Action as a to-do list, some annoying things I’ve found :

  • There’s no way to create dependence relationships between actions (e.g. don’t show me this action before this other one is done). This would be very useful.
  • In the same line of idea, you can’t re-order actions depending on how you’d like to process them – you have to assign priorities and sort action based on them. By default actions are sorted alphabetically (rarely what you want to do).
  • When you close the main window, the application exits! Not cool. (oddly, Actiontastic does the same thing)

Other than that, it’s been pretty useful so far. Now let’s see how it scales.

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3 Responses to Ghost Action – followup

  1. Thanks for your interesting comments. Actually, one of the main ideas in GTD is that for a given project you should only list the next action, the things that can be directly acted upon. This is the reason that I (yet) haven’t provided any way of ordering the actions, or separating next actions from future actions, since I for version 1.0 wanted to focus on the core GTD support.

    However, I realize that it can be a very useful feature, no matter what GTD says, and reordering of actions is going to be implemented in a future release of Ghost Action.

  2. vnoel says:

    Hey Jacob, thanks for answering!
    Note that right now these are little things – Ghost Action is already very useful as it is(in contrast with Midnight Inbox, for example), so your priorities as a developer were right IMHO 🙂

    I have a question though – is it possible to re-order or delete Contexts and Projects right now?

  3. Thanks! Right now you can’t reorder projects or contexts, but you can delete them. Just select one and choose Edit -> Delete :-). The reason there is no minus button is so to protect you from pressing it by mistake (compare with iTunes).

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