One information manager to rule them all

Following a suggestion by Astorg, I’ve finally managed to overcome my irrational fear of SOHO Notes‘s corporate look, and I’ve started to actually use it. And I must say – I really like it.

In a nusthell, it’s basically Yojimbo on steroids – or “pro”, if that’s any clearer. Actually, if I follow the chronological order, it would be more fair to say that Yojimbo is SOHO Notes dumbed down. The Chronos guys managed to cram all the things I like in various information managers in one app. You get all the same functionality than in Yojimbo, plus :

  • Hierarchical folders (yay !)
  • Back/Forward navigation (like Journler)
  • Journal function – i.e. automatic titling of notes (like Journler)
  • Notes can trigger alarms
  • Blog posting (like Journler again)
  • Addressbook and iCal sync
  • Import or link to any file in any format
  • 3 note flavors – sticky, regular and “serious” (word processor-like)
  • Tabbed viewing of notes (like Journler)
  • Remote databases – basically it’s like IMAP for all your stuff. If I wasn’t behind a firewall at work, this could be so useful as to be scary.
  • Notes linking – Yojimbo can do this but it’s not really intuitive
  • New notes go in an “unfiled” folder by default – nicely fits in a GTD workflow
  • Other stuff that I don’t really care for, like iPod and Palm sync…

All in all, I really like what I see – a very powerful app with a nice interface that feels integrated and easy to work with (not like DevonThink, for instance). It’s kinda like what you would get by mixing Yojimbo and Journler in a shaker, with added sprinkles on top, and it’s replacing both in my dock as of now. The only negative I can come up with at this point is the installation process, which could definitely be more mac-like and installs weird items in your Applications folder (some OpenBase stuff that should be hidden).

Oh, and, what’s with the weird capitalization?

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  2. Astorg says:

    I’ve been simultaneously testing Yojimbo and SOHO, and will definitely be keeping SOHO. Nested folders and linking with contacts put this GTD app way above the rest of the pack.

  3. Astorg says:

    Well, just as I thought I’d picked the winner… the crowded world of GTD apps sees a new entrant, Eaglefiler.

    I haven’t tested it yet, but it looks as if it allows nested folders… so I’ll be trying it out over the next few days…

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