now with iCal sharing

I’ve already posted about how you can mount your account on your Mac desktop as a regular webdav drive. Turns out the (free) deal is even better: you can publish your iCal calendars there!
And with this piece of news, I declare that .Mac doesn’t have any interesting feature whatsoever anymore.

(via The Adventures of System Boy)

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2 Responses to now with iCal sharing

  1. Shadowmat says:

    Is this possible in windows by any means?

  2. trinette says:

    Thank you,thank you!
    I’ve been trying to push the thing to everyone,that it’s as good as .Mac for backup and more.
    Also Spymac is great. For free you get a website with free Spydisk and 8mb of Webdav/webhosting.
    Also forums and a blog.
    I think iCal hosting is free too with ads.

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