Undefensible positions

I’m not talking about defending the GIMP (I heartily agree that the interface is crap, as a matter of fact every time I try to use it I end up in Photoshop because I can’t figure out how to do things – but still, constructive criticism goes a longer way), but my liking of Event Horizon.

Event Horizon

After checking on the intarweb, it appears that the entire universe thinks this movie is crap, but I don’t care – I love it. I am aware that the dialogue are unrealistic, the way characters act is stupid, the allusions are very heavy (it’s like the director is flashing “HINT! HINT!” in big neon lights)… But somehow, the suspension of disbelief still works 100% for me. I love the techno-mediaval-gothic look, the dark photography, the saturated colors, the cold and unemotional way everything is set up. The eponymic ship is a thing of beauty. There’s fire, blood, spikes, darkness. I guess these things cast a spell on me, that turns my brain off or something…

No morale to the story. Or maybe why we like some movies (and by extension, all works of art) is a hard thing to analyze. That’s not a revolutionary thought, but hey.

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  1. Chris says:

    Hey, Vince

    I liked Event Horizon as well. The movie’s scenario has a kernal of plausability in Steven Hawking’s observation that anything, ANYthing may emerge from a singularity stripped of its event horizon. These poor characters seem to have trespassed into hell.

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