via webdav: 1 Gb iDisk for free

Yay! This is exactly what I’ve always wanted – a 1 gig iDisk via webdav, for free, mountable on any OS X or linux box! I was already using since it’s one of the best online file storage around (free or non-free), so this is a no-brainer. through webdav
.mac has suddently become even less interesting that it was. Now give me calendar sync. Give me.

Update: Apparently this suffers from a major bug. If you upload files to your account using the webdav mounting, and those files have spaces in their names (which is, most of them) they won’t show up in the mounted volume. Bummer. There is an automator action to convert your filenames into valid ones (replacing spaces with “_”) but it’s not as convenient as plain drag-n-dropping 😦

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  9. you should never put spaces in your file names anyway, they mess up most servers and get rewritten to %20 or something like that, so just use underscores and all problems go away.


  10. Ashwin says:

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