I’m sorry, but I can’t figure out what this mugshot thing is. Is it a website? Is it software? Why isn’t there any screenshot anywhere? The project wiki is not useful either – it’s filled with stuff like

Design is fractal; you can use its tools for a whole project, then on a smaller scale for some sub-part, then on a smaller scale still for some tiny detail. You can use design to create furniture, of course, but also to get past a tricky software implementation problem, or devise a new marketing campaign.


Some frames of mind go better with these activities – a rough sense:
Bias for Action – don’t have a big argument, just prototype both ways and see!
Bias for Learning – real-world research, then rapid prototyping; facts over speculation, fieldwork over lone genius at a desk
Play – if you’re obsessed with being “serious” you won’t try new things and have new ideas
Collaboration – fan out in parallel and research; brainstorm in groups; everyone makes some prototypes; mutual respect

I mean, what does all this stuff have to do with social networking? (even if apparently that’s not the whole story).

That being said, Id really like to try it out – I bet you really have to begin use it to understand the whole thing. There appears to be a lot of potential so it could end up being really disruptive, if enough people jump on the bandwagon — and that’s a big “if”, considering most successful social projects create a community first (while they are still small) and become famous later on…

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