Another web browser for Mac

As far as good web browsers go, Mac users really have a lot of choice nowadays. When Safari is not good enough (for non-standard compliant websites for example) you can always resort to the good old Firefox, or its more apple-looking variation Camino (a favorite of mine). If you really want to try everything there’s also Opera

But lately there has been a surge in the number of WebKit-based browsers (ie using the same rendering engine as Safari). Omniweb is of course the oldest contender, but Shiira has also been out for quite some time – both try to give users more features than the vanilla Safari, and they are quite successful at it. As a bonus, both often give you access to more up-to-date versions of WebKit, with improvements that have not yet made their way into the official Safari.

Today I found out about the Sunrise Browser, which is aimed at a very specific demographic: web developers. It shows a lot of potential, and introduces some very interesting ideas: bookmarks are shown as screen captures in a translucent floating window, the window can be resized to standard screen dimensions with a special slider, it can extract relevant information from a web page (e.g. download the seperate CSS file or RSS feed), you can modify a webpage HTML code in-place (and see the results!), etc. I can’t say that I’d like to use this app full time – the interface is very crowded, it’s pretty hard to quickly understand how things work, and (worst of all) the french localization is… let’s say it’s not the best there is. If you don’t care about french, just check out the project main page: english-speaking users should be in for a lot of pain too. A quick example:

The downloader displays URL. Because it enables URL to be specified. For Example, QuickTime Movie file put on
the page for instance can be easily downloaded. Of course, the file of other form is also possible.

However, all is not lost: as the Sunrise Browser is an open-source project, we can hope to see some improvements coming in that area… and others as well. Anyway, it’s always nice to see innovative ideas thrown around 🙂

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