EGU like you were there

I’ve been twice to EGU in the past few years. It’s a big, big conference about Geosciences, Climate and all that good stuff. Most people I’ve heard talking about it always say that it’s very crowded and almost impossible to actually see anything interesting since everything gets buried in the ambient noise, but I’ve found that things had gotten better lately. The two last ones in Nice and Vienna were very nice, with a clear distinction between the posters and the conferences that made things clearer. Still, it is a very busy conference, with more than 5,000 participants. This year I’m not going – I’m saving myself for the 23rd ILRC and the next AGU in San Francisco.

But wait, now there’s even less reasons to go there, as you can find accounts of participants online! Here is one from Stoat and another one from Jame’s empty blog. Very nice read.

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