New Yahoo! Mail out of beta – and full of ads

I was thrilled to find out that the new Yahoo! mail is now out of beta and that even I, the lowly owner of a french account, am now able to use it. Unfortunately, between the beta and now all kinds of ads were added everywhere:

New Yahoo! Mail - full of ads

On this screenshot (showing the drafts folder), ads take up more than half of the useful surface. I'm not gonna use THAT, thank you very much. Especially since 1) it doesn't work in Safari and 2) it's tons slower than Gmail in Firefox and, I bet, in every browser out there.

On the positive side, it's still a lot prettier. And you can read RSS feeds directly in it with an interface very similar to Safari's RSS support, which is a nice touch.

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3 Responses to New Yahoo! Mail out of beta – and full of ads

  1. susie says:

    i can’t believe the number of ads in yahoo. so much so that i did a search in google and found this blog. it’s really annoying. my little g3 ibook is struggling with it. now we know why they are upgrading yahoo mail… so they can include more adverts. thanks for that.

  2. mjb says:

    er I think that’s a safari thing (did you munge yer user agent to get it). The ad is about 1/3 that size in FF on PC.

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