Best list of productivity tips ever

Like a lot of computer-oriented people (a nice way of saying ‘nerds’), I’ve always been interested in ways I could improve my workflow, and especially the ‘Getting Things Done’ approach. I’ve been reading Merlin Mann’s 43 folders since its inception, and I always love reading what’s on there – but ironically, I’ve found that most of the time, the study of GTD is just another way of procrastinating: you spend so much time thinking about how to organize your work that you end up doing nothing productive at all. By now I’m still keeping an eye on this kind of stuff, but I don’t try every new trick anymore.

However, this list of tips for productivity and happiness is pure gold and very refreshing – very down-to-earth, sensible advice, that don’t try to appear smarter than it actually is. They include such gems as “write stuff down”, “avoid meetings”, “quit reading emails and blogs”… These tips are so reasonable they become surprising. In a sense, implementing those is actually required before trying to apply any GTD-kind of stuff.

Via Hawk Wings

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