Two things I don’t understand

  • Why can’t the Google Video Upload page remember my account password, just like Gmail or the other Google services?
  • Why does the Apple Store has to close down for an hour every time something is updated? You don’t see Amazon or Best buy closing their website to add new stuff. Is it just to add some buzz?
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3 Responses to Two things I don’t understand

  1. Alex Zavatone says:

    Off topic.

    If you want to talk about 3ivx Crush. email me. :]

    Your site really needs a contact button.


  2. vnoel says:

    Hey Alex,
    I'm really flattered and impressed that the 3ivx crush product manager took some of his time to address a comment on some anonymous guy's blog…
    This being said, I don't think I'm qualified in any way to say smart things about the upcoming 3ivx crush… I've written this post when I was looking for a good encoding app for Mac OS X, and Crush seemed like it was it – but I know close to nothing about video encoding.

    Anyhow, I'm looking forward to try the Crush 😉

    (and I took your hint for the contact thing) 

  3. Alex Zavatone says:

    Hey there Vincent. To fill you and any other readers in, 3ivx Crush is the “yet to be released, soon, we hope” video compression app for the Macintosh that handles MPEG 1 and 2 files as source. Its main feature is to output high quality quicktime mpeg 4 video in QuickTime form. It does this rather fast and can use VBR encoding so that each frame of video is as small as it can be for the quality level you have chosen. It is ready to release at this point and can be purchased directly from me until we are able to put the store up.

    Some recent work using 3ivx Crush in the real world was for Daniel Price and Stephan Rosswog’s work on Neutron star collision. Daniel was rather pleased that his movies became 10 times smaller after being run through Crush.


    If you wish, you can see images and videos of Crush working hard right here:

    On the zav iDisk public folder. From the Finder, Click the “Go” menu. Select “iDisk” and “Other User’s Public Folder…”. Then enter zav. Open the folder: “3ivx Crushy Stuff” and “Crush in Action Preview Videos”

    These videos are of 3ivx Crush encoding seven 320 x 240 samples from NASA on a Quad Mac. Speed of compression, quality of video and ease of use is detailed. At our fastest compression setting, 3ivx Crush has topped 200 frames per SECOND.

    If you have an MPEG 1 or 2 file (not an AVI or something else) and wish to try out 3ivx Crush from your very own desktop, feel free to FTP right over to our speedy 1-Gig Titanium and drop off your file. In a little bit, your output file will be sitting in a folder on the hard drive all ready for you to pick up. If you’re in an FTP mood, here are the instructions:

    user: 3ivxcrush
    pass: 3ivxcrush

    or login with:

    I use Transmit with success. The Finder seems to ignore the fact that you have write privs.

    Open the folder named “- Put video here” and drop your files in there. When done, go off and grab coffee for a minute and then look in the folder called “- Pick up finished video here”. (Don’t forget to refresh). If the video was a valid video for Crush, you should find your video compressed to a .mov at 240 pixel width. Download, enjoy and don’t forget to delete your source video.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    – Alex Zavatone
    3ivx Crush Product Manager

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