Stupid posts on Digg

I kinda like for the way it brings out interesting newbites and stories out of the darkness into the light. However I’ve noticed an increase in stupid posts lately – uninformed nitwits pontifying on what they think to be the Next Big Thing (which has already been talked to death elsewhere) and/or blatent attempts to promote their own sites… I don’t know if it’s an actual trend of if I’m just getting old. Could be both.

This is annoying not because some people use the digg effect to boost their egos, but because it brings publicity to mediocre projects, stealing the attention away from more worthy ones (even knowledgeable people get fooled). I guess you could say it’s my responsability to correct this kind of stuff if I think I know better, but 1) I don’t have an infinite amount of time and 2) on digg news get out of hands pretty quickly…

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One Response to Stupid posts on Digg

  1. djMeowMix says:

    I hate digg because of the commentary. The herd is so dumb. If a mac story comes up, all the Windows people flame away claiming that Macs are “toys” or for “gay people” or claim “market share”. If a Linux story comes up people think it’s going to change the world and Linux’s time has finally come.

    If you show any kind of deep knowledge in some subject, people question whether you are getting laid. It’s the middle-ages all over again. Where digg was probably founded to provide “the best stories on the net, as decided by you” it’s really “what slashdot would be in fark invaded”.

    And yet, I still go there and punish myself. Like not turning off reality TV.

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