Boot Camp : what the f

I’m going to join the chorus and express my utter dismay at the news that Apple is now offering dual-boot on any of its Intel machines. So you can have Windows on a Mac. Like, for free (as long as you have a copy of Windows XP laying around). At full speed. They even provide the drivers. This is much, much better than the previous efforts, that involved too much black magic for my tastes.

I’m just starting to begin to grasp the implications of this, but I cannot make sense of them. One thing I’m certain, is that this is huge, huge news. It’s hard to even understand how huge this is for the little Mac microcosm. Outside people have noticed, too.

I kinda agree with Rui Carmo in that I think virtualization would be a lot more enticing, but I guess dual-booting works better for games that tend to hog the entire computer. I have the strong feeling this is going to be the primary use of Boot Camp: select Windows for games, then reboot for all the rest.

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