In a followup to my previous post about disk space viewers, I thought I might add that after trying out Disk Inventory X I think that it is, hands down, the best app available for this kind of job.

The disk scanning is fast, you have a excellent view of how diskspace is actually organized (with colors to quickly identify the type of files), you can zoom in and out of folders (eyecandy galore), you can delete files directly from the interface and re-scan folders one by one, etc…
It’s a great, great app, and best of all, it’s free! You can ditch all the others.
Update : Emmanuele Bassi reminds me that Gnome apps can kick ass too: Baobab does all the functions performed by Disk Utility X, OmniDiskSweeper, and TreeSize… with a prettier name to boot. As it seems to be a regular C/Gtk app (no mono or python in sight apparently), it would indeed be a worthy addition to the Gnome Utils suite of utilities, and would look good next to a revitalized GFloppy ;-).

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  1. it’s quite similar to baobab, the disk usage utility for gnome. could be interesting to add to gnome-utils. 🙂

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