endo : not yet

Prompted by a post on TUAW, I tried out endo, the new RSS reader from Kula, the developers of ecto. The quick verdict is : I’m staying with NetNewsWire for now, thanks.
Of course, endo still has a few bugs due to its 1.0 status, but I would be totally willing to forgive that if it was totally kicking ass. Unfortunately, it does not, at least not to me. The way it displays RSS folders on top of the window (in the toolbar) is interesting because it’s new, but after a few hours of use it doesn’t seem to add anything very interesting to the RSS reading experience. The whole thing feels pretty much like switching TV channels, which is interesting, but posts in folders are all aggregated together like a big lump, and it’s hard to tell at first glance what belongs to what. The animated toolbar is interesting too, but it’s more confusing than useful : it’s hard to keep visual track of channels when each and every group moves around so fast. Moreover, endo adds a highlighting effect to new posts (like a label in the finder) using, by default, bright and glaring colors that add a lot of visual noise – the whole thing is pretty hard to parse and read. Of course you can change that to more subtle hues, but when you have a reasonable number of feeds it’s a PITA to change all of them. Add to that that due to this TV-channel presentation subscriptions are managed in a separate window, where you have to find icons for each feed group yourself, and things get even more confusing. Also, there’s no way to create sub-folders in feed groups.
endo’s concept could simplify feeds reading, but it’s not there yet. NetNewsWire still feels a lot easier to me. Which is too bad, as endo’s icon would look totally sweet in my dock.

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