3ivx crush : zero results

I’m stumped. At the time I write this, there is a grand total of zero blogs talking about 3ivx crush, either on Google Blogsearch OR Technorati. It’s the first time the blogosphere has let me down 🙂

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  1. stizz says:

    I feel your pain. I have been anxiously awaiting the release of crush for many months now. With the official 3ivx forum offline now, I turned to the google for current info, only to be let down again.

    I am beginning to fear that 3ivx crush is vaporware.

  2. Alex Zavatone says:

    It’s not vapor. 3ivx has to finish up 2 critical bugs with their plugin and put up the store. One of the bugs is in encoding non moving items and we really can’t ship with it. So as soon as 3ivx finishes things up, we can ship.

    Regarding the 3ivx forums website. Someone hacked the BBS software and found a way to insert viruses on Windows so 3ivx is waiting on a fix from the BBS software publisher.

    Thanks for writing about Crush and spreading the word. I haven’t been working on PR since I can only do this when I know the bugs are fixed and the store is ready. As soon as I get confirmation from 3ivx on these matters, we should hear more.

    Thanks for sticking with us,
    – Alex Zavatone
    Crush PM

  3. G Rom says:

    Any news ?
    Is 3ivX dead ?
    Is Crush still in dev’ ?
    Is there a rated price ?
    Is there any demo planned ?
    …I have so many questions !

    Please, Alex, give us some informations )-:

    G Rom

  4. Zav says:

    3ivx isn’t dead. It’s just that the guys have too many high priority projects and other issues to work on – like fixing the remaining issues so that Crush can ship. So the BBS takes a back seat to more pressing issues. Got a nice message from Stux earlier this week stating his progress.

    You guys will know soon after I know.

    – Zav
    3ivx Crush PM

  5. G Rom says:

    Wait and see… as usual )-;

  6. stizz says:

    please update something on your website at least, although you should ditch invision board altogether and just install phpbb2.

    I can see your point about getting the forum up as a lesser priority; however you should want to give your devoted customer base a sanctioned place to discuss the particulars. The 3ivx website would be an ideal place for this, hell even a blog page would work. Here we are grumbling about it on a 3rd party blog yet getting direct feedback from the developers themselves.

  7. vnoel says:

    I’m pretty confident that we’re gonna see something eventually, but it’s true the lack of communication is hurting the project. At least a few months ago there was a forum – it was not great but that was better than nothing. Now there’s not even this.
    As stizz said – setting up a blog on wordpress.com or anywhere else would be pretty fast and easy and would allow the 3ivx guys to communicate with a eager world…

  8. David Maribo says:

    I’m here and still waiting. Is this the place to check for news?

  9. Selur says:

    Seems like the 3ivx Forum is back online 🙂

  10. vnoel says:

    Thanks for the info Selur!

  11. For those interested, 3ivx Crush 1.0 is about to ship as I type this.

  12. vnoel says:

    Yay ! Awesome news. Thanks for the info.

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