Textmate for science programming

I’m slowly beginning to love Textmate. With it, I can edit my matlab source files on the cluster (even though they are somewhere on a distant server, using samba mouting), with nice syntax highlighting thanks to the as-yet-unreleased matlab bundle. Unfortunately, the one on this page (the first link when you google for “textmate matlab bundle”) is outdated, with e.g. no support of commentaries. The Bundles page on the Macromates wiki mentions a new matlab bundle in the subversion repository, but what to do when you are behind a proxy like I am, that prevents any connexion to a svn server ?
Well you can create yourself a folder and call it “matlab.tmbundle”, open it using the “show package contents” menu item in the Finder, and recreate the content of this directory in it. Once it’s done, double-click the tmbundle file, and you’re good to go ! This works too for the bundle for the R language.

Update : the bundle is here, and it was put together by Stephen Thomas.

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