a faster iPhoto + Flickr feeds = Happiness

The best part, in my opinion, of yesterday’s keynote ? (hint : it’s not the intel macs or the iPod remote)
The fact that iPhoto 6 is (according to Apple) incredibly faster than the previous release. This is unfortunately not very hard, since iPhoto 5 is slow as hell… but if it’s true, it will be happiness all around. Also, iPhoto 6 gains the very, very nice full-screen mode introduced in Aperture (complete with photo comparison, browsing, etc). In a nutshell, these were the two things that annoyed me in iPhoto, and I’m extremely happy to see them introduced.

And now, I see in this screenshot that iPhoto 6 sports the new “Metal Unified” interface introduced in iTunes 6 (and more-or-less in Mail), and that you now can subscribe to Flickr RSS feeds directly from within iPhoto ! How cool is that ? Very cool.

I can’t wait to get it.

(oh, yeah, totally unrelated : Google Earth has been released for Mac)

Update : Crap.

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