Google Earth on Mac OS X

Well, that’s finally it, there’s a version of Google Earth for Mac OS X. Of course, it’s not official yet, and you have to look around a little to find it (it’s pretty simple, look for “google earth” on Google Blog Search for example).
A couple of remarks :

  • It’s the first time a Google app is leaked before its “official” launch. Then again, Google has an habit of keeping things in beta forever, so this might just be a “pre-release” leaked on purpose, without the need for an actual web site and disclaimers and bla bla bla. In other words, it might just be a way for Google to get dedicated beta testers, without the usual hassle. We’ll never know.
  • Thing is, Google could very well (if they wanted to) prohibit this release of connecting to the database servers – and we’d all be screwed. They hadn’t (yet), and we’re not (yet).
  • It’s pretty fast and complete. There are a couple of rough edges (some toggle menu items look pretty unusual — this smells like java or some other non-native toolkit) and the app won’t win any award for its interface, but it works.
  • The 3D buildings thing is impressive too – check out Manhattan.
  • It’s still as fun as the PC version.
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