One more hurricane for 2005

We thought it was all over, but nooo – One more hurricane for 2005, called “Epsilon”, means a total of 26 storms and 14 hurricanes for this year – the most active year on record ! Yay. This new storm will also go down in history as the longest-lived December hurricane.

So far, 2005 has broken a whole series of record :

  • First season to use the letters “V” and “W” to name a storm since naming began
  • First season to use Greek names alpha, beta and so on since naming began
  • Season with the highest number of storms to form in July (5)
  • Season with the highest number of storms to form before october (23)
  • Season with the most intense Atlantic Hurricane in history (Wilma), with the lowest recorded pressure ever (882 hPa)
  • Three hurricanes in the “Most Intense” top 10 (Wilma, Rita and Katrina)…

And I’m not even talking about New Orleans.

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