U-Haul sucks

U-Haul sucks. They advertise their trucks as being as low as 19$/day, but they conveniently omit to say that you need to pay all kind of expenses on top of that, plus a fixed fee per mile, plus the gas itself (of course). Not only that, but the employees are totally useless and SLOW AS HELL. We spent a full hour in the store the other day to buy some wrapping paper and boxes – there was three persons ahead of us in line. During this time the phone rang several times, everybody got put on hold and nobody got an answer. The guy that helped me looked stoned. I don’t have problems with people looking stoned, except when I’m on the other side of the counter…

The fun went on, as the truck we rented had 190000 miles (not too bad), the passenger door did not have a handle (it was resting peacefully in some kind of container, along with some pond water and its own little ecosystem) and the cabin smelled like some guy smoked cigar there for centuries. The truck had some difficulty reaching its cruising speed of 35 mph, but managed to run ok the rest of the day.

Apart from that, we are now free from any apartment (yay !) Some day I might write a blurb about our lodging experience in Norfolk (it might be entitled Cooke and Neff sucks).

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2 Responses to U-Haul sucks

  1. John Fleck says:

    I have done business with U-Haul three times. Each time they have ripped me off, or tried to rip me off. The first two times we reserved a truck, and when we got there, they only had a larger (and more expensive) truck. They had us, and they knew it. We were all scheduled for a move that day, and couldn’t really walk out and go somewhere else to rent a truck.

    The third time was the most bizarre. We wanted a trailer hitch on our new car for the bike rack. U-Haul, we were told by the car dealer, was the best (only?) place in town to get it done. So we went there, ordered the trailer hitch, paid for it. They never called to tell is whether it was in, so we finally called, they said yes it was in, and we went over to get it installed. They said they had no record of us paying, and if we wanted the hitch, we would have to pay again. They wouldn’t honor *the receipt they had given us*. In the end, it was easier to just pay the second time and call the credit card company to cancel the first payment.

    I know, I know. Fool me three times? What am I, an idiot?

  2. Steve Dibble says:

    This was not a good Uhaul experience. They initially were going to send me all the way across the city in morning rush hour traffic to pick up the truck (to be picked up at a real estate office no less) instead of letting me get a truck at a large well staffed center 10 minutes from my house. This even though I made my reservation days in advance. It took several phone calls and a lot of wasted time until they finally let me get a truck closer to my house.

    I should not have to fight for what should be common sense service.

    And the truck was terrible. I have driven many mid to small size moving trucks over the years and this one bordered on unsafe. It sounded like it had an exhaust leak and was extremely noisy in the cab. The front end and shocks were worn out, had a bad shimmy at 50 mph and it felt very unstable.

    Of course this was a one way move and there was no time to go back and get a different truck. Uhaul is well aware that the truck renters options are limited due to time so they pass off these junk trucks on longer distance movers who will have no choice but to make due.

    From Alabama to Florida, 2 days drive. Thanks Uhaul for a miserable driving experience. I will go out of my way to never use them again!

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