On the gnome side

On my continuing quest to make gnome-system-log not suck, today I wrestled with the find functionality. I was never happy with the “find bar” mode (it was buggy, slow as hell, and did not find what you were looking for half of the time) so I scrapped almost all of it and replaced it with a nice filter view, based on GtkTreeModelFilter. Now it’s nice, lean and fast. With ten times less code.

By the way, other improvements on gnome-system-log the last few days (using less of g_locale_to_utf8, mostly) have cut down the launching time (in the same configuration) to 2.9 seconds. So to summarize :

Release 2.12.2 2.13.1 cvs
Launching time 43s 5.7s 2.9s

I don’t think I can optimize this any further, as according to sysprof most of the time is now spent doing pango stuff.

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