Fixes in 10.4.3

Yesterday the 10.4.3 update to Mac OS X was released. The official info is kinda dry, here are the most interesting items of note :

  • Spotlight is a lot more responsive
  • Safari passes the Acid 2 test (nobody really cares, but it’s a nice bullet list item)
  • Rounding errors in Calculator are fixed
  • X11 windows no longer stay in the background when you switch to X11 (yay)

Of course, we’re more interested in the fixes that are not mentioned in the list :

  • Lots of people mention that the system feels a lot more responsive overall
  • Safari now supports ATOM 1.0
  • Expose is noticeably smoother and faster, as well as the “minimize” animations
  • Some people are reporting that iTunes (and other apps like iPhoto) feel noticeably faster, but I didn’t notice any slowdown before, so it’s hard to tell. I guess “older” machines will benefit most from this.
  • Fixes in Mail mean that a lot of workarounds are not needed anymore

Of course, other people have their slew of problems :

I must say that on my machine everything is very spiffy and works well.

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