WordPress.com account for using Flock

While I was aimlessly browsing the Flock main site to find cool stuff to do, I discovered that WordPress loves Flock so much that they are ready to offer free accounts on the new WordPress.com blog hosting service to anyone that was bold enough to try out Flock.
Since I’ve been looking to move away from my current solution (I’m going to leave the US pretty soon, so I’ll be loosing my current provider, and blogspot is just not an option for me) this seemed like the perfect opportunity.
Less enthralling is that composing in Flock actually did not work for me, I had to fire up Safari to write this post. Go figure.

update : Apparently, Blogger import was recently added to wordpress.com, but you have to have admin rights to be able to see the import option in the dashboard (I guess the feature is still in testing or something). However, anyone can actually use the importer if you just type in the correct URL, which, thanks to wordpress’s sensible naming scheme, is pretty easy to guess.
So, behold all my imported entries.
update 2 : Unfortunately, all the comments managed by Haloscan have been lost. Oh well.

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