The Other Side

Prompted by boredom, I decided to try yesterday to launch into a KDE session. After a day of using it, I think it still has some rough edges compared to Gnome (the number of preferences is just overwhelming, every time you change a preference you need to restart everything to see it take effect, there’s just a lot of flicker going on) but there are some things I like. One is Kmail, with two features that are not present in evolution : the three-pane window (also present in thunderbird) and the fact that when you open a mail from somebody in your addressbook, his or her picture is shown in the header (like Apple mail). Moreover, if you are using kopete (an instant messenger), you can see the person’s status, online or not (again, like Apple mail). I know these are not earth-shattering features, but for end users it just makes the whole experience a lot friendlier. I can’t see why we couldn’t have them in evolution, as it owns the damn addressbook…
The other KDE program I like is Akregator, an RSS reader. Basically, it’s just like NetNewsWire for linux… You can organize your feeds into folders (like in liferea) and read them from there, it’s damn fast (like blam), you can open web pages directly in new tabs… Also, both these programs (Kmail and Akregator) tell you the number of unread messages directly on top of their notification icon ! That’s extremely convenient.
In the end, I reverted to my beloved gnome session (konqueror is just too much to handle for me ;-)), but I’m going to keep using Kmail and Akregator for a while, see how it goes.

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