Some love for the Gnome Log Viewer

Inspired by Federico’s work, I have spent some time working on the gnome log viewer this week, hoping to get it to a point where it would be actually usable. Using the 2.12.1 release, I loaded up a 2.9MB log and exited. On the following run, it took a little more than 43 seconds for the Log Viewer to even show a window. Something had to be done 🙂
Just by tweaking the treeview code and allowing the window to redraw itself without waiting for the log to load, the cvs HEAD version now shows up immediately, and the 2.9MB log is now displayed after only 5.7 seconds. That’s a more than 80% speed up. I’m pretty happy with it (I just hope logs this big are unusual…)
While I was at it, I also made the monitoring option behave much more sanely, ie now it simply appends new log lines at the end of the opened logs (instead of this weird widget thing that was used previously). All logs are now monitored by default (instead of only the one selected), and updated logs show up in bold in the log list.
Oh, I also played a little with memory use, so in the same configuration the memory usage went from 46MB to 22MB. And the session management now works properly.
So to summarize : 80% faster, memory use cut in half, monitoring for all logs. What’s not to love ? I’m now waiting for the crash reports to flow in.

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