Newton – a Gnome Wiki

I’ve been using Tomboy for a long time now, and I love it. It’s an extremely powerful note-taking application, with a very well thought out interface and a useful search capacity.

However, after using Voodoopad on the mac, I slowly realized that I needed something more focused on the editing of long documents : instead of each note having its own window, possibly scattered all around the screen, navigate from one note to the other in the same window (with browser-like “back” and “forward” commands). Don’t get me wrong : I will always use Tomboy for taking small notes and quick lists – I just wanted another app for another purpose. I tried out instiki, but the whole server thing is not really convenient.

While idly looking for “wiki” on gnomefiles, I found Newton :

I’m going to try it out during the next days, but it looks like it’s going to fill the gap nicely. My only gripe so far : Why is it a gnome panel applet instead of a full-blown application ? I guess it’s for historical reasons – some things in the interface remind me of Webnotes, a previous C# gnome frontend to didiwiki, which showed promise but stopped developing some time ago…

update : The development version even has categories (and sub-sub categories if you want) so you can organize your wiki pages in neat folders ! This is perfect.

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