Not-so-visible improvements in Gnome 2.12 : eog

The upcoming 2.12 release of Gnome features a lot of very nice, user-visible changes : the new path bar, places sidebar and expandable list view in nautilus, the new default theme, the inclusion of evince, etc. But some other changes are not as quite obvious.
The one program I’m specifically talking about is eog, the image viewer for Gnome. For years now (maybe since the 2.0 release), every time you would open an image with eog, an empty window would first show up, which would then resize to show the image. Since the empty window was very small, metacity would think something like “hey, I have enough space to cram this window in that tight spot in the upper-right corner of the screen !” And then the eog window would expand to show the image, generally to the right, somewhere off-screen. Opening an image with eog was then a two-step process : double-click on the image in nautilus, and then move the window back on screen. Using “display” was unfortunately more convenient.
This was bug 143141, and it had been fixed during the 2.11 life cycle. It was a small bug, but fixing it makes all the difference. If you add to that the ability to hide the toolbar (which is now remembered) you get a nice and lean image viewer :

Now if only we could get rid of that weird icon.

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