Windows Vista UI ideas

On his website, the eternal Microsoft fan Paul Thurrot has a interesting review of the next version of Windows. The bottom line : it looks like a very nice improvement over the current Windows XP, one that includes innovations from other OSes (think smart folders, translucent windows, etc) but not the revolution it was supposed to be when development started. You still get a Start Menu, perhaps even more confusing than ever before, and overall the UI is way too crowded, but there’s still time for improvement.
An interesting innovation in the explorer is what MS calls the “breadcrumb bar”, which looks suspiciously like the path bar made popular by the gtk+ file chooser and (more recently) nautilus (oh yeah, and path finder). It was somehow improved though, and in Vista you can get a drop-down menu showing other folders at the same point in the tree. It’s a kind of cross between the path bar and the column view found on MacOS X.
I guess it’s still a good sign when Microsoft borrows ideas from Gnome…

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  1. LionsPhil says:

    Borrows ideas from Gnome? I think you mean NeXTStep.

    Most of what is good in MacOS X and Gnome come from such (or earlier!). This is not a bad thing, as it’s about time the UI for platforms we’re stuck with these days caught up with the technology from past millenia, but you can’t take credit for it either.

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