New Truetype fonts for Vista

The 6 new Microsoft fonts that will come with Vista (Calibri, Cambria, Candara, Consolas, Constantia and Corbel, notice any pattern here ?) are now available to download (get them while they’re hot).
They are pretty nice. Extremely readable on screen, but still nice-looking on paper. Constantia is especially nice, but the downloadable version has some issues (numbers appears as whirlwinds on my mac). I’m eager to see how the Gnome desktop looks with them (Corbel should work out nicely).
Update : the link is dead. I’m sure they will pop up somewhere else.
Otherwise, Calibri looks real nice on the desktop (at size 11, below it’s a little cramped), and Corbel looks even better (it’s incredible clean and regular). Candara looks also very nice at size 11, it has a lot of character. Cambria is the weakest of the lot in my opinion, it looks a little like a slimmed down Vera Serif. Also make sure you try them without the hinting (it looks much better IMHO).

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