Watched Primer yesterday, a movie about two engineers who accidentally create a time-travelling device. They can go back in time for a few hours or a few days, and relive the same day while their original selves do their original stuff. Of course, things go wrong at some point.
This is an extremely brainy movie, with very believable characters, that does a good job at portraying the terrible mess that would happen with actual time-travel. The fragmented structure of the movie mirrors the paradoxes involved by time travels, with reality itself evolving as the movie progresses. It’s pretty easy to understand once you got through the technical jargon at the beginning (just there to confuse you, I’m sure), but get increasingly complex towards the end, when I was totally clueless.

On unrelated news, I was planning to by an iMac G5 (once I made sure the fullscreen OpenGL Tiger bug would have been fixed), but yesterday’s news got me confused. Oh well, I guess it doesn’t really change anything.

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